January 31, 2011

TrapBoyy's Dick of the Week!!!

Every week I will feature a DICK of the week 
ASS of the week....

This week its DICK!!!
Stay tuned for next week!!!

My 25th Birthday Celebration!!!

My 25th Birthday was CRAZY!!!
I didn't do anything that I planned all due too JERMANY!!!
I mean i'm not saying it like it was a bad thing lol...
How could I not enjoy every moment with this dude???
We did a few videos at the hotel we were at...
and yes ya nig Trapboyy ate em then Fucked em...DOWN!!!

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I had a very Happy 25th Birthday!!! 
Muah @ JERMANY!!! 

January 28, 2011

A little more into Trapboyy's life....

I initially started in the porn industry in 2007 with Pitbull Productions! 
I did like 10 scenes within a 3 month time frame but the two that
were the biggest
"Harlem Thug Nights" and "Who's Your Daddy!"
Lol yea this is me from 2007!!!

 Starring Trapboyy vs Mr. Saukei!!!

But then came...
"Who's Your Daddy?" 

Starring TrapBoyy vs Phat Daddy

and also starring King Dingo...

They were both insatiable tops but my favorite had to be...
Phat Daddy!!!
They both fucked the hell outta me lol the only thing that would have made it 
better is if both were fuckin me at the same time!!!

www.Thugmart.com to purchase these DVD's! 

Welcome to TrapBoyy's World

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