May 14, 2018

Welcome Back to The Fantasy Suite!

Welcome Back to The Fantasy Suite!

Let’s jump right... back... in...

On April 20, 2018 I came out of hiding after almost 6 years with the launch of my business, TrapBoyy Entertainment and my first website,

My website focuses on Amateur Adult Entertainment on the Amateur side of things. The website features footage that’s recorded from my iPhone, Tablet, or one of or both security cameras that are located in my home. 

No worries though, everyone knows their being recorded and as you’ll see some don’t mind the footage being shown as long as their faces are blurred. However, you’ll also see that even with a blurred face, some HOT content can be seen!

Live Shows are coming to the site as well soon. As that information becomes available it shall surely be shared so please stay tuned!

There is a lot more coming to The Fantasy Suite. 

We’ve got to talk about what’s been happening the last 6 years... 

I’ve got so much to share with #TeamTrapBoyy. 

It’s time to reinvent one more time!