February 23, 2011

Why I Started, Stopped, and Started doing Porn!!!

I started doing Porn back in late 2007. Initially I was the one who sat on the other side of the PC saying things like "Oh thats so degrading!" or "What if their Parents see it, then what?"

Funny how shit works out...

Anyway, I had lost my job and everything I owned was slowly but surely slipping away.  Including getting evicted from my 1st apartment and having my 1st bought car repoed while I was in my final days of working at this particular hotel.

I didn't have any real friends that could be depended on and my only family member in Atlanta told me after being evicted that I should go to a homeless shelter!!!

My pride wouldn't allow me to do that, I couldn't go to a homeless shelter. I, at the time, was friends with a dude who did porn by the name is Mendoza and he put me in contact with a particular person that I can't mention on this blog.

Initially I was promised a certain amount of money and of course was lied too. However, the money I was making was sufficient to live off of during that time. I moved in with one of my friends for about 3 months and continued to work in the porn industry to pay my way thru life!

In such a small amount of time I did about 15 scenes...

By December 2007 I was so depressed from constant ridicule from peers and family alike that I felt like I just needed to get up and go and so I did. I moved to New Jersey with some of my other family the day before Christmas 2007! 

I at that point vowed that I would never do porn again and for 3 years kept that promise... Until one day I was just browsing to see who and what was new in the porn industry and saw my very 1st DVD at number 14 on the best selling list on Thugmart.com!!!

So at this point I said to myself "well clearly they are still making alot of money off of me so why shouldn't I make money off of myself?" I immediately made some calls and at first was discouraged cause it seemed like not much had changed in the industry, but I still went ahead with it. My pay did increase to do alot less and this was at the beginning of 2010!

Finally in November 2010, all my hurt, patience, and hard work came to a head when I met Black Rayne Productions!!!

 He immediately took me under his wing and promised me that the days of being fucked over had come to an end. That was a fucking lie but hey, thats life! People lie and use others to get ahead!

So there ya have it folks...
How Trapboyy became a Porn Star!!! 


Lately WOMEN have been wanting me to do Porn with them too!!!

That's right I said it...
have been hitting me up to do movies with them!!!

My dick still works for PUSSY!!!  

So today's RUSH or FLUSH is

Fans be nice and vote on the right for this 
Phyne Ass Female
from Los Angeles, CA!!! 
 Fuck the Haters!!!

I def wanna do a shoot with you Sexy!!! 

February 18, 2011

OMG...They are so SEXY!!!

I wanted to do something different this week...

Heres a salute to one of the sexiest couples
out of ATL!!!

LOL I bet alot of you seeing this would 
to have a 3sum with these two!!! 

February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day was hmmmmm...Tasty!

So remember in that last story I told you
we were trying to wait on another co-star???
lol well he did eventually show up but I thought this would be a more fun way for
my fans and his to try to figure out 
who's dick am I sucking in the Video?????

The Poll(s) are to the Right of the page...
I'll give the answer on Friday Nights #TAD!!!

Here's a hint...
He's a pretty boi with 9 inches...

The weekend before Valentine's Day!!!

The infamous 
Remy Mars 
was in the ATL this weekend!!!
    I had no clue that he was a Scorpio.....

If you know anything about astrology you know
Scorpio's are the Freakiest!!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't Remy and I who was shooting...
He shot with Jermany one day and Markell the next.

I didn't think to take out the camera phone but ill describe as best I can what happened after his shoot with Jermany!!!

As soon as we walked in from the shoot with him and Jermany I made the announcement that I was about to take a shower and then went so far as to say that Jermany and Remy could join me if they wanted! Not one to turn down an offer, yall know Remy, being the Scorpio he is, was 1st into the bathroom with ole Trapboyy. 
He didn't waste anytime he immediately went to eating my ass and not long after he started Jermany came in and got in the front of the shower and started to suck my dick! All I can say is I was in Heaven or so I thought anyway... lol! 
Remy continued to eat my ass as I began to eat Jermany's ass! And still was eating it as I began to fuck Jermany in the shower. Some where in the midst of me fucking Jermany I do remember Remy rubbing his fat ass dick against my ass and then proceeded to exit the back of the shower and go to the front so Jermany could suck his dick while I was still fucking Jermany! The ass was feeling amazing so I was being kinda stingy lol so Remy just stood on the shower ledge and fed me that 9 inches of dick in my mouth while I fucked Jermany with my 8 for a lil bit longer. 
Eventually I came and turned Jermany around so that Remy could get in it. Remy starts going ham in this nigga's ass and all the while Jermany is taking dick and sucking like a pro! The shower starts to get a lil tight after while so we get out and head to the bedroom! 
Now at first we were gonna wait on another one of our Co-Stars but decided against it for the moment and just like how we left the shower Remy starts fucking Jermany again while Jermany is giving me head in this chair! 
Lol it was almost like Remy and I were Tag Team Partners in trying to fuck the hell out of that boy... Of course ya boy got some more ass then passed him back again and by this time Remy is fucking him again and im laying on the bed gettin head from Jermany while Remy is fucking him yet again.  

So Remy is still fucking Jermany and Jermany is still sucking my dick, when all of a sudden I feel another nut coming up so I bust that shit on Jermany's face and in his mouth! But damn Remy still hasn't released yet and yall know I gotta make sure he cums too! lol so my dick is still hard tho, after busting twice back to back, im amazed at my own stamina lol but so yea i'm just jacking/getting head and watching Remy pound Jermany when all of a sudden I feel a 3rd nut coming up...This one tho went into Remy's mouth as he finally came all in Jermany for the 2nd time that day!!!  
Hot, Hott, Hawt!!!

Here's a video of Remy Mars arriving in ATL!!!

February 14, 2011

Always Room for Cake!

 I think a 3sum with these two...
would be out of control!!!

February 10, 2011

OMG...Somebody find him for me...

He claims that its 13 inches...
And based on this video i'd say he's telling the truth!!!
Damn I wanna taste...
If I could come home to this...
on Xtube.com  

If I could have 1 dude in the Suite it would be...Randy Orton!!!

Yea, ya boy loves WWE Wrestling and
there's just one wrestler I'd love to have
Yes folks if I ever wanted a white dude it would
have to be him...
Ugh I wish he would move that towel...
Look at those eyes!!!
I can def see why they call him
   Put your fangs in me...

February 9, 2011

Twitter Trouble!!!

Twitter has suspended 
I am working to have this restored A.S.A.P!

Definitely miss chattin with the fans! 
BUT until then...
Add me everywhere else...
Oovoo: Rated_nc-17
Skype: Trapboyy
Yahoo: Trapboyy
Xtube: Trapboyy2010
A4A: KingTrapboyy
BGC: Attitude_101
Facebook: Trapboyy Ace


My Black History Hero Is.....

None other than Atlanta's own
Gladys Knight & the Pips!!!
Gladys Knight & The Pips were an R&B/soul family musical act from Atlanta, Georgia, active from 1953 to 1989. The group was best known for their string of hit singles on Motown's "Soul" record label and Buddah Records from 1967 to 1975, including "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" (1967) and "Midnight Train to Georgia" (1973). The longest-lived incarnation of the act featured Gladys Knight on lead vocals, with The Pips, who included her brother Merald "Bubba" Knight and their cousins Edward Patten and William Guest, as backup singers.
Give it Up for one of the roots of our R&B/Soul
Gladys Knight and the Pips!!! 

February 5, 2011

ASS of the week...Goes tooooooooo....

Found this sexy ass booty on Xtube...
Damn shawty got a nice Ass!!!
Which is why its my

Damn I would love to stick my 
in that HOLE!!!