August 17, 2012

Introducing... Louis!!!

So I decided to do a Highlight on one of 
TrapBoyy Entertainment's 
newest models....

Everyone meet Louis!!!

Here are some facts about Louis...

Sexual Role: TOP

Height: 6'0
Weight: 165
Dick Size: 9x5
Hometown: St. Louis
Favorite Position: Face Down, Ass Up!

We started fucking in the Shower...

And ended up on the floor by the sofa...

I wanna know what you think about Louis.

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This scene will be featured on my 1st DVD 

Coming Soon!!!

My New Series "The Wet Bar!!!"

So I was thinking what should I call my erotic stories outside of #Twitter?

I came up with "The Wet Bar!" 

Welcome to what's usually known as #TwitterAfterDark but from now on will be known as


So a dude I fuck with see's me Tweeting about how horny I am late one night and hits me up via #DM.

He tries to come through to my house right then but I tell him i'm in bed and we should wait until the next day.

He agree's to come through to give me what I want.
I explain to him that I want to start sucking his dick as soon as he walks in the door. He tells me thats cool but he also has a request. He wants me to wear some sexy underwear. The kind that show more. I tell him he has a choice between a red & blue jock strap or I can just be naked when he comes to the door. He tells me to wear the blue one.

The next day comes and I am up early and still horny as hell so I text him as soon as I wake up.

He doesn't respond so i'm like should I jack off or just wait to see if he hits me back later. I wait but end up falling back to sleep. 

Ironically, I wake up three minutes after he sent a text explaining that he had overslept but still wanted to come. I tell him thats cool he can still come. He tells me he needs to shower and then he's on the way.

I get up and get myself ready.

About an hour has passed since he told me he was on the way so I have been to my window now about three times to see if he had arrived. After the third time I went and laid back in my bed.

Not even sixty seconds later he's knocking at the door. I ask who is it just to be funny and he replies, "ME!"

I open the door and let him in. He walks in front of me while I lock the door and as soon as I do I drop my basketball shorts so he can see the jock strap then head to face him. He see's the jock strap and he knows I am not playing. 

He starts to unbuckle his pants and whips his dick out. I tug on it maybe twice as I kiss his sexy lips then immediately drop to my knees to start sucking his dick!

I am like a mad man giving him head. It was almost like I had been deprived of dick for months.

I sucked it, deep throated it, smacked it on my face and lips, kissed it, massaged it with my hands as my lips sucked on the head. 

He grabs the back of my head and forces himself into the back of my throat thrusting himself back and fourth at a fast pace. He now has tears rolling down my face. I am loving his 9 inches deep in my throat so i'm not stopping him.

I stop to go grab the lube... when I come back into the living room he is sitting in the love seat.

I drop back down to my knees again but this time adding a little lube to my fingers and applying it to my ass as I suck his dick. As i'm sucking I make sure to arch my back so he can see my phat ass in the air as I smack his dick on my face!

As he's sitting there he is again grabbing my head and forcing me all the way down on his dick and thrusting it into my throat like a race car. I try to catch my breath but he just won't allow it.

As i'm sucking he reaches down into his shorts to grab a condom. I still won't stop! I am sucking his dick like a flavor of the lollipop thats being discontinued.

He stops me and tells me we should head to the bed. 

I lead him to my bedroom and I immediately fall onto the bed Face Down Ass Up at the edge.

He tries to ram his dick into my hole but I stop him and guide him into me slowly.

He starts off slow but gradually speeds up and I am in what feels like heaven. He is grabbing, gripping, and smacking my ass as he goes in and out.

This nigga is fucking me like we are in the olympics.

I raise up to see the arch of my ass as he's going in and out and this nigga grabs me by the back of the neck and forces me back down. By now he is fucking the hell out of me. The thrusts sound like smacks.

He then grabs my arms and tells me to hold my ankles from the back as he's fucking me. This dude is trying to prove a point. After he fucks me like that for a minute or two he asks "Do you feel that dick?" and "You Like that dick don't you?" When I reply with a emphatic "Yes!" he grabs my hands from my ankles and tells me to hold my cheeks up and to make my ass muscles squeeze his dick! 
I oblige. 

I promise this nigga is making my ass clap loud as hell with each and every stroke.

He stops and turns me onto my back. Now I can see his 9 going in and out of me and he can see the ecstasy on my face as he continues to drill me.

After he fucks me for a while on my back he makes me get up and he lays across the bed on his back which to me was a way of telling me to ride it.

I take the hint but I don't ride it so that i'm facing him, I ride it facing the wall so he can see my Phat ass going up and down on his pipe.

He can't help but grab and smack it as he roots me on by telling me "Hell yea, Ride dat dick nigga... Ride dat shit!"

He stops me and forces me back onto my stomach with my ass in the air. I guess i'm not moving fast enough because he then tells me,
 "Nigga put that ass in the air, hurry up!"

This just turns me on more!!!

I do as he says and he pounds me a few more times then he stops and falls back onto his back. He starts jacking his dick and I go back to sucking it but i'm also jacking my dick now.

I suck for about a minute and I can feel myself about to cum so I fall onto my back and my nut shoots all over my stomach and chest.

He's still jacking his dick and I go to help him by sucking on his nipples. After a about 2 or 3 minutes he whispers in my ear, 
"I'm about to bust." 

He shoots up to his chest and all I can think is 
"Damn That was so Good!"

We Clean off and I show him to the door while telling him to hit me up.

The End!!!

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed it last week I updated my 
#Xtube page.

Here's one of the videos I posted.

Click the link to watch the video and to see my #Xtube Profile.

Riding dick in a chair! - XTube Porn Video - trapboyy2010

Hope you enjoy all 4 updates.

Thanks for the continued Love and Support.