September 26, 2011

And The #Winner is!!!!

The winner of my 
1st Erotic Story contest is...


This story was Hot and most of all I loved how it got straight to the point.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a story.

I do appreciate your constant support of TrapBoyy!

As promised here is the #Winners story!


The rain finally subsides yet the clouds have kept the sun's identity from being revealed. Still wet and sweaty after taking my afternoon jog around the park, I head over to an available bench to take a brief break. I could not help but to notice a pair of eyes looking over in my direction. Stunned by my realization, the trade continues to stare as I try to avoid all contact. The trade makes his way toward my direction. Not wanting to seem pressed, I pretended to look down at my shoes to see if they had come undone. A silhouette cascades over my presence as my eyes slowly look upward to see a chocolate, muscular frame standing before me.

Amazed by the sight of him, I look into brown eyes. He extends his hand out to show me that he has an extra towel. As I reach out to accept, he begins to wipe the perspiration from my forehead. By this time, I am flabbergasted about what has occurred. I notice that a bulge of pleasure had risen before me. His dick had been on hard, waiting to make its debut. Fighting the urge, I try my hardest not to give in under extreme pressure.

He realizes that I am licking my lips in anticipation of sucking his dick. Without thinking, he slowly removes his basketball shorts right in front of me, revealing every throbbing inch of his masculinity. The size of his dick was so enormous and thick. It had to have been about a solid ten and a half inches, fully erect. His low-hanging balls were so close to my chin that if he wanted he could set them on it. He then looks down at me as if to say you know what time it is. 

There was no shame in my game. I begin to place the entire shaft into my mouth because like my girl Janet Jackson once said, "There’s nothing that compares to the warm of my mouth." Sucking his sweet juices and lapping up my own saliva, I am going to work on his dick. The soft moans of pleasure coming from above lets me know that I am doing the damn thing. I take the head of his penis and lick in a circular motion, making it nice and wet. 

I stand up to join him by removing all on my clothes and tossing them nearby. He then grabs me up and bends me over the communal park bench, spreading my legs. He is pleased with the phatness of my round, high yellow ass. After he commences to eating my ass out as if he was sitting at the Last Supper, he inserts his hard dick into my waiting hole. We fuck and groan in unison. The looks of strangers passing by gives me pleasure as we continue to try various positions. While I am spread eagle across the bench, he starts thrusting harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I am screaming with pleasure and belting out for him not to stop. I feel his dick sliding in and out of my wet ass.  Each thrust gaped further. 

I reach down and grab my own dick. Hard as a brick, I begin to jerk off as he fucks me beyond stupid. Moments later, I am shooting cum across my chest, just missing my chin. This excites him as he pulls every inch of his pole out of my ass. He starts jacking his own dick as I lower myself down on my knees. He trembles and shakes as his shoots his nut on my face. Mouth open, I swallow every drop of his creamy nectar, not missing one drop. The trade grabs the towel, wipes himself clean, and gets dressed. In an instant, he vanishes, leaving me breathless. 

I awaken from my sweet day dream, as I allowed my mind to wander about the mysterious stranger in the park. 
If only my dreams were a reality…    

Congrats again to 
@DrkChocLitDream on Twitter!!!  


Adult Entertainer, Director, Recruiter and now Editor!

For so many years I wanted to edit video's!

Now I know how too!

Thats right... 
I've finally learned one of the greatest tricks
there is to know in this industry!

If you have a subscription to
then you've already seen my first two edited scenes!

They may have been so nicely edited that you thought the same person that usually edits the videos did these as well.

However, that's not the case!

Here are some still shots that I pulled from my 
1st two edits.

My 1st Trailer....

Check out
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I will be featured on my 1st Online Radio Show!!!

That's right...

I did my 1st Online Radio Show interview!!!

It was with

We talked about everything from TrapBoyy to 
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Tune in this Wednesday to
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September 23, 2011

#TeamTrapBoyy We did it AGAIN!!!

I can't believe we did it again!

The 7th consecutive month!!!

We've reached 7, 470 on Twitter!!!
And... In just a month in a half...

We've made it to 3, 067 on FaceBook!!!
 I can't help but Thank everyone who supports me and is apart of #TeamTrapBoyy!!!

You guys have no idea how much it means to have your support! 

Thank You again and again and again!!!


September 10, 2011

TrapBoyy's Erotic Story Contest!!!

That's right it's finally here!!!

I wanna read your sexiest Erotic Story!!!

Here are the rules:

1. The story must be at least 5 Paragraphs.
2. Each paragraph must be between 4 & 6 sentences.
3. Make the story so freaky that my dick can't help but get hard!!!

And thats it!!!

Que Santiago and myself will be the judges!

All submissions must be in by 8am
 September 25, 2011!

The winner will be announced
Monday. September 26, 2011!!!

The Winner will receive a copy of every DVD i've been featured on while working for BRP!!!

Titles including...
BreeditRaw 5: Nutt In my Gutt
WAAMO 2: Thorobreds 
Say Ahhh
Dicktators 3: Annihilation

Also the winner's entry will be posted on!!!

All submissions can be made to

Make sure you include "Erotic Story" in the subject line!!! Good luck to everyone!!!


September 7, 2011

And the #Winner is...

#TeamTrapBoyy we did it!!!

We won all 3 nominations for the 3rd annual 
"Flava Men Blatino Awards!"

Thank all of you so much for taking the time out to vote for me! It truly does mean a lot!!!

Also thanks to Flava Men for allowing me to be apart of this years awards!

We made history!

I am the 1st to be nominated at the Blatino Awards for 3 awards and won them all!!!

Unfortunately this year there was no ceremony but I have received confirmation from Flava Men that plaques will still be sent out! As soon as I receive them  I will take pictures with them and blog about it!

Next year we have to do this again but hopefully we will win 5 or better!!!

Thank you all again... I Love You guys!!!

I wanna know who you think this Erotic Story is about...

So this past weekend was Labor Day weekend!!!
Otherwise known as 
"Atlanta Black Gay Pride!"

But this post isn't about what happened that weekend with me and all these models...

Hmmm... How should I start this off???

This past Sunday night after I left The Chapparal I was fucked up! I mean drunk and high as a kite.

Me and a few friends went back to my house for a smoke session and some drinks. They stuck around for maybe an hour or two.

I love my friends but I was so happy when they said they were leaving because I was horny as hell!

As soon as they walked out the door, I went into my bedroom, grabbed my lube and headed back out into the living room where one of the models, who was a guest of mine, was still sitting!

When I came back into the living room I immediately pulled down my pants, took off my shirt, added some lube to my hand and fell back onto the sofa and began jacking my dick in front of my company. 

It didn't take long to register with him cause as soon as I sat down he was taking off his clothes. 

As soon as he dropped his underwear he walked over to me and put his dick in my mouth!

I don't know what came over me. I just couldn't stop sucking his dick! His 9 inches felt so good in my mouth! I know I had to suck his dick for about 10 minutes. It felt so good feeling it hit the back of my throat!!!

Eventually I was ready for the dick though so I told him to sit down on the couch as I applied the lube to my ass.

I climbed on top of him and let his dick find its way inside of me. As he inserted himself slowly into me all I could feel was pure ecstasy. I started kissing him as he gripped my ass and slowly started grinding inside of me. Within the first two minutes I was up in horse back position riding as if I was actually on a horse!

He was gripping and smacking my ass as I rode which only made me wanna ride longer. As I continued to ride he grabbed my ass and started to force himself in me while still in horse back position... Damn it felt so good. 

I was super horny on this night. I got up off his dick and told him to stand up as I proceeded to get on the sofa but facing the wall in doggie style. He came right behind me and rammed his 9 in me so hard but it felt great!!!

At first he started out just grabbing my ass and smacking it as he fucked me but then out of no where he grabs the back of my neck with both hands and just starts pounding me. I can't help but make passionate sounds because his dick was definitely hitting the spot!

He continued to destroy me in that position but for me that wasn't enough. So I told him to get up and he followed me to my spare bedroom! I immediately jumped onto the bed face down ass up and he didn't waste any time he was right behind me. But this time it wasn't his dick that he was sticking in me it was his tongue!!! Thats right this time he didn't use lube he used tongue and spit!

That shit was awesome!!! 

After he ate me out for a few he put his dick back in me and began grinding it in me as he kissed me on the back of my neck. He was so passionate. 
That didn't last long as he proceeded to pull me back up into doggie style and began again to fuck me like he was a crazy man... Pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow!

He eventually stopped and told me to turn over on my back. I did and he pushed my legs into the air and began eating me again. His tongue literally was playing in my hole! I could help but look into his eyes as he ate me and he looked back!

He got up and slipped his dick back in me and started beating it up as he looked me in the eyes like we had been lovers for years! This was some amazing sex. Almost made me wanna move him in!

I let him pound me in that position for a little while then told him to get up. I got off the bed and moved to the closes wall which was by the window in the spare bedroom and let him fuck me against that wall! I really felt like I was making a porn and probably should have been lol.

Again he started to pound me but would slow down every so often and go slow while kissing me on my neck and back. I stopped him again and asked, "Where to next?" His reply, "Im following You!"

I proceeded to walk out of the spare bedroom and into the kitchen. I grabbed the counter closes to the door and refrigerator and let him fuck me crazy right there as well. I just couldn't stop myself. This dude was no joke and he felt sooooo good!!!

After being in there for about 5 minutes I told him to follow me again as I headed to the bathroom. Originally I just wanted him to fuck me in the shower but as I entered the bathroom I changed my mind. As I leaned over the toilet to cut the shower on I felt like I wanted to feel it again before we got into the water so I bent over the toilet and told him to put it in! He obliged and began again to beat it up.

Hearing the water made me wanna feel it while he was fucking me so after fucking me over the toilet for a few minutes I stopped him again and got into the shower. I moved the shower head so that it was hitting us both. I went to bend over so that he could enter me yet again and he actually licks it a few times before entering!

He comes up and puts his dick in me. I bend over and he starts to fuck the hell out me. The water is splashing between his dick and my ass and it literally feels like we are fucking in the rain! He again grabs me with both hands behind my neck and starts fucking me crazy! This should have definitely been in a movie.

We go for a while in the shower then decide to get out. We dry off partially and head back to the spare bedroom. I jump on the bed and am now on my back. He grabs the lube and puts a little on his dick jumps on the bed with me and throws my legs up as he re-enters me!

He starts slow and we are kissing again but now im exhausted and ready to cum. I ask him where does he wanna cum at but he doesn't respond. I start jacking my dick harder and he starts fucking me harder. I can feel my ass gripping his dick as he pounds me and I can also feel my nut coming up.

I let him know that his dick is feeling good and im getting close to coming. He continues to fuck me hard and within 2 minutes I hear this sexy ass moan as he is releasing inside of me! As he is coming though he doesn't stop fucking me. He is still going hard and that turns me on. I'd say maybe 30 to 45 seconds after he came I was doing the same thing!

But when he saw that I was about to cum he pulled out of me to catch my nut in his mouth and began sucking all of it out of me!!! He didn't stop for a few minutes after I came and even went back down to eat my ass some more!!! This dude was freaky and sexy as hell! He definitely made my night and weekend!

The End!!!

Now I wanna know who do you think im talking about in this story? Who do you think im sucking in the video above?

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