July 26, 2011

#TeamTrapBoyy we did it again!!!

For the 6th consecutive month we have reached another thousand followers on Twitter!

Guys I can't thank you enough!

Thank you for believing in me! I love you all!

And if you're not following me you should do so now!!!

@Trapboyy on Twitter!!!

July 24, 2011

Dude almost made me jealous...

A lil clip from Xtube that I found...

Damn this boy can suck sum dick!

Likemajik on Xtube.com

July 18, 2011

Cincinnati Ohio here comes.... TrapBoyy!!!

I have been to Ohio twice now and the 3rd time...
 will be the charm!

Cleveland has shown me tons of love.
I'm hoping Cincinnati shows even more love!

I'll be one of three judges for the 
(Rock Hard Entertainment)
"Rock Hard Body"

I promised to be unbiased and fair to all competing!

Also joining me is none other than
Phoenix, Roman & Silkk!

More details coming about this weekend on Twitter!
Follow me @TrapBoyy

July 9, 2011

My 1st HomeTown Appearance!!! Atlanta, Ga

July 2, 2011 will always be rememebered...

It was the 1st time I made an appearance
in my own hometown and state!

I appeared on behalf of RT-Parties
Black Rayne Productions at Cafe 91!

Special thanks to MC Kiddupree 
@MCKiddupree on Twitter )
for showing me one hell of a time!

Also thanks to Reggie, 
CEO of RT-Parties,
 for having me at your event!
( @RTParties on Twitter! )

I had an awesome time for my 1st
appearance in Atlanta &
thank everyone who was responsible
as well as everyone that came out!

Here are a ton of pictures from my 
1st at Home Appearance!

S/O also to Miss. Dominique Rashad
featured in the pix above with me!!!!!

My new Ride or Die chick! Wutup Ray???

My official "Hype Team!"
Wutup Ray, Tj & Fred!

 Also S/O to Miami & Jermany! 
Yall def puts it down on that stage!!!

Thanks again to all who came out!!!

 ATLANTA... I'll see yall
Labor Day weekend!!!

@TrapBoyy on Twitter!

Just in case you missed it....

I did a #TwitterAfterDark 
about a week ago...

For the first time I told a story 
and had videos to go along with the story!

I understand a lot of #TeamTrapBoyy
was either sleep, at work or just
too busy to see the video's!

So I decided to post 1 here on 

You can see the other video and many of my others by adding me on Xtube.com

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