May 25, 2012

#TrapBoyyEntertainment Coming in June!

It's almost here! 

TrapBoyy Entertainment, LLC!

Here's a preview of TrapBoyy vs Chino!

"TrapBoyy Cake for Chino!" 


 "Da Snake Charmer!"

Coming Soon to DVD!

May 11, 2012

America's Top Bottom Is..... TRAPBOYY!

This past weekend I accepted another award on behalf of #TeamTrapBoyy in
Palm Springs, California!

This makes our 4th award in 1 year!

I can't thank #TeamTrapBoyy enough for making me #AmericasTopBottom

Here are some pix that were taken of me while there! 


I also accepted "Best Video Production"
for the bossman 
Que Santiago and Black Rayne Productions!

Thanks again #TeamTrapBoyy for the continued support! I love you guys! Muah!