May 25, 2011

My Favorite Male R&B singer is none other than...

A lot of you who read this blog was either made to his hits or have made some memories
yourselves to his hits...

All hail the King of R&B...

Mr. Robert Kelly!
(R. Kelly)

"Kels" as he is often called has 10 studio albums, 3 Collaboration albums, and 5 Compilation albums to his credit!

His most recent album being
"Love Letter
was released in December of 2010!

R. Kelly has without a doubt shaped the new era of R&B! 

New artists such as Trey Songz, The Dream and J. Holiday have all sought out the help 
of the King of R&B!

Kels is not just a singer but he also adds song writer, screen writer, producer, arranger 
and performer too his credits!

R. Kelly has 6 American Music Awards,
1 BET Award, 6 Billboard Awards,
1 BMI Award, 3 Grammy Awards,
2 NAACP Awards, 1 MOBO Award, 
8 Soul Train Awards, 2 Source Awards and 
1 Vibe Award!!!

This man is simply amazing with all these awards ranging from song writing to 
outstanding career achievements!

Let's hope that his 20+ years in the music industry are just a few of many more to come!

Give it up for "THE KING!"

R. Kelly

May 14, 2011

#TeamTrapBoyy reaches 4k on Twitter!!!

#TeamTrapBoyy reaches 4k on Twitter!!!

Just under a month ago I was telling everyone that we reached 3k now just under a month later were actually at 4,171 Followers!!!
Again I have to thank the best team to ever hit Twitter...
Thank You guys so much for allowing me to be me and loving me for it!
#TeamTrapBoyy 4 Ever!!!
 Follow me on Twitter!!!

May 6, 2011

Who is my Favorite Female Singer...

There is only one...

Only one Queen of Hip/Hop and R&B...
Mrs. Mary J. Blige...

She debuted July 28, 1992 
with her first album "What's the 411?"

To date she has 9 studio albums to her name with the 10th soon to be released 
September 3, 2011!!!

Her 10th album will be named, 

"My Life 2, The Journey Continues
which is the sequel to her 1994 album which went 3x's platinum in that same year named 
"My Life."

 I'm beyond excited for this new release!
I'm sure like the other 9, 
the 10th will be an even greater Classic!!!

Yall give it up for the queen!!!