March 31, 2011

I AM #1!

When I first met with Que I had only worked for really two other companies, and the other i'd rather not mention. After the 1st shoot I remember walking into a former bosses office gloating about how the preview alone had been viewed over 50k times in less than 24 hours on lol I was so beyond happy with the product. Not just because of the show that I put on but because of how Que made me look. Previous companies I have worked for weren't as involved in the product as Que always is. I began to see how he operates as an all around business man and soon attached myself to him at the hip! He is a great leader who has if nothing else inspired me to be the greatest me I can be. Week after week he delivers and you cant find or see that any where else. I am, if nothing else, humbled by this experience and opportunity. Out of probably millions of people that he could have done this for he chose me! I am truly appreciative and excited about the years to come.  

I am again both honored and privileged to be called the 1st Exclusive model and look forward to a lifetime of working with Que!

Here is the official Press Release from BRP!!! 


March 27, 2011

Don't You Love when you jump fresh???

I don't know about yall but I love looking good on camera!!!

I think we all get this incredible feeling within us when
we buy new clothes...

I personally like wearing the shirt and tie but lately
i've enjoyed wearing the 
jeans, hats and Jordan's!!!!

Here are a few pics of me from before my shoot yesterday!

Lol no photo shop here!!!

All Natural...Trapboyy!!!

March 21, 2011

My Top 20 WWE SuperStars of All Time!!!

So if you're a fan of Trapboyy
 then you know I absolutely love
WWE Wrestling!!!

I have been watching since I was
about 6 years old and still 
watch to this very day!!!

It's my Soap Opera if you will!!! lol

So I decided to list my 
Top 20 Superstars of all time!!!


#20 Sheamus 

#19 Rob Van Dam

#18 Yokozuna

#17 The GodFather

#16 Bret Hart
Had he not went to WCW the Hitman would have been
lower on the list! #WCWkilledCareers!

#15 Kane

#14 Shelton Benjamin

#13 Kurt Angle

#12 Rey Mysterio

#11 The Big Show

#10 Eddie Guerrero
Mr. "Latino Heat" Himself was definitely one of the Greats!!!

#9 Edge

#8 Kevin Nash/Scott Hall 
"The OutSiders"

#7 Chris Jericho
 Y2J was the 1st man to hold the Undisputed Championship!
is now featured on "Dancing with the Stars!"

#6 Mick Foley

#5 Stone Cold Steve Austin
 The Baddest Son of a Bitch ever...Period!!!

#4 Triple H

#3 The Undertaker
 This pic is still kinda Scary!!!

#2 The Rock

And last but definitely not least!!!

The Greatest WWE Superstar of all time...

#1 The Heart Break Kid 
Shawn Michaels!!!
The Icon!!!

The Show Stopper!!!

 The Main Event!!!

 And the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

In my hometown
Atlanta GA
April 2, 2011!!! 

I am so Happy for you Shawn!!!

I have been and will always be a Fan!!! 


March 15, 2011

Guess WHO!!!

Who am I fucking in this video???

Vote on the Right Side of the page!!! 
I can't give any clues this week lol!!!

I just can't help myself!!!

I love Pretty Boys with
Big Dicks!!!


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Its not even hard!!! LOL
You know how I like them.... 

March 7, 2011

Damn I can't forget....

Hey they don't call me
The Snake Charmer for nothin...

I had to play that one again lol... 

March 3, 2011

So is he Sexy, or is it just me???

I mean like damn Shawty is sexy as Fuck!!!

I'll be ya Valentine anytime!!! 

 Look at him!!! 
Gorgeous seems like such a small word to describe him!!!

Freakyej on 

For all those who didn't know, Now you do!

What's my favorite thing to do during SEX???

You already know...
in case you forgot let me remind you!!! 

Delightfully Delicious!