May 14, 2018

Welcome Back to The Fantasy Suite!

Welcome Back to The Fantasy Suite!

Let’s jump right... back... in...

On April 20, 2018 I came out of hiding after almost 6 years with the launch of my business, TrapBoyy Entertainment and my first website,

My website focuses on Amateur Adult Entertainment on the Amateur side of things. The website features footage that’s recorded from my iPhone, Tablet, or one of or both security cameras that are located in my home. 

No worries though, everyone knows their being recorded and as you’ll see some don’t mind the footage being shown as long as their faces are blurred. However, you’ll also see that even with a blurred face, some HOT content can be seen!

Live Shows are coming to the site as well soon. As that information becomes available it shall surely be shared so please stay tuned!

There is a lot more coming to The Fantasy Suite. 

We’ve got to talk about what’s been happening the last 6 years... 

I’ve got so much to share with #TeamTrapBoyy. 

It’s time to reinvent one more time! 

February 11, 2013

Here's a quick story for you!!! A Fantasy Suite Exclusive...

A few weeks ago I had an ex to stop by...

He came in with some shorts and a wife beater on.

Now mind you we have this weird Love/Hate relationship lol...
Sometimes he hates me and sometimes he doesn't lol idk...

But anyway he came in showing me this video of this boy sucking his dick...
 Now mind you my first thought was this dude ain't even cute #1 and 
 #2 he can't suck dick lol...

Does anyone know what I said to him out loud tho??? 

I looked him in the face and said, "so are you gonna let me do better than that?"
His response as he sat down in one of my chairs, "SSSSUUUURRRREEEE!"

I unbuckled his pants and began to suck his already semi-hard dick...
Deep throating it almost every time I went down!
He let me do it for every bit of 3 or 4 minutes...
Next thing I know I was on the edge of my bed Face down, Ass Up!!!

This dude did not take the time to eat me out...
He quickly went into Fucking me, of course after asking for the lube...

He fucked me STUPID!!! 

We didn't change position not one time... 
He fucked me doggie style the whole time while smacking and gripping my ass!

It lasted for about 10 Minutes and then you know he did what they all do...

He Came...
All on my Ass and Back... 

I could do nothing but lay there....
 As he went into the bathroom to clean off...

All I could think was "Damn I wish it would have lasted longer!" 
"But it was still good tho!" Lol

This Story was bought to you by Trapboyy...
exclusively for #TeamTrapboyy



November 29, 2012


I am so excited!!!

I just received the latest issue of DBQ Magazine
and I am apart of the #Loud100!!!

This is a list of the 
100 Most Influential People in the LGBT Community!

6 Awards in 2 years, Helping to build a company and now apart of a list of elite people from the 
LGBT community! 

Thee only #AdultFilmStar on the
Top 100 Most Influential People in the
 LGBT Community!

I am both humbled and honored!

S/O to David Bridgeforth and all of his staff! 

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be on this list! 

Order your copy now at

Follow @DBQmag & @Dbridgeforth NOW!!!

September 23, 2012

"The Wet Bar" I left you something NEW!

I met this dude on A4A and invited him to my room.

He was a sexy chocolate dude about my height
and although his profile read "Versatile" I knew I was gonna fuck him.

He walked into the room and I told him to make himself comfortable. He got down to his boxer briefs and tank top and sat back down on the bed.
He asked where we could smoke a blunt and of course the hotel was non-smoking so we went into the bathroom of the room and just placed a towel under the door to hold the smell inside.

We sat in there and smoked the blunt and I asked him was he passionate during sex. He said yes he was but just make sure not to suck his neck too hard because he bruises easily. I agreed and we got up to go back in the bedroom.

We got into the bed and started to kiss. I immediately started massaging his ass with my hands and fingers and he did the same to my ass as well.
I reached around to grab his dick and although it was a nice size I still was determined not to get fucked.

However, not getting fucked didn't mean I couldn't suck it. I climbed on top of him but in-between his legs and started to kiss him and lick him all over his body. I kept going down until his dick was in my mouth and I was sucking with such passion and intrigue. His dick was long, thick and pretty, how could I not suck it. He sat up to stop me and as I leaned back he grabs my dick and puts it in his mouth whole.

He starts sucking my dick uncontrollably. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his head down several times. He would occasionally take it out and kiss it and lick it. That shit felt sooo good!

After a few minutes of giving me head I stopped him and made him lay back down. I pushed his legs in the air and started to shove my tongue into his hole. Spitting in it then licking it off. Slightly biting the cheeks every now and then. Making sure I tasted every since inch of his booty.

Eventually I stopped and we started to kiss again. He forced himself on top of me and continued to kiss me. Of course I am grabbing his ass and feeling on his hole as he is on top of me. He grabs my dick and shoves it in his ass. It is so warm and moist. He starts to ride, starting off slow then bouncing on my dick like a mad man. His moans are so sexy and all I can continue to say is "Damn Shawty." He starts to grind on the dick as he leans down to start kissing me again. This dudes ass is like silk inside and out. 

I make him rise off the dick and give him the notion that its now time for him to get face down ass up. This dudes ass is so fat and pretty. I slowly insert myself into him and let out a gasp followed by "Damn that shit feels so good!" He starts to throw his ass back on my dick as I just hold my position on my knees. I am so shocked at how he is maneuvering that I can only watch in awe. 

I eventually catch myself and get into the push-up position as he is still face down ass up and I just start smashing into his ass. All I can see is my dick going into his ass and his ass shaking like a fucking earthquake! His moans are getting louder and he says "Damn that shit feels so good." I reply with, "Nigga this ass is amazing" as I continue to drill the hell out of his ass. I am loving seeing my light skin dick going in and out of his chocolate hole.

I stop myself because I can feel my cum coming up and I don't want to shoot my load yet. When I pull out he turns on his back and raises his legs into the air. Again I force myself into him and am already in the push-up position so that he can see my long dick going in and out of him as I watch as well. I go back to my knees and start to kiss him and suck his nipples as I go in and out of him. I again feel myself about to cum. His moans and ass combined make it hard to hold back so I pull out just as my cum is forcing its way to my head. I catch myself but then go right back into him.

I start to pound again as he looks me in my eyes and tells me to keep fucking him hard. At this point I am tired of holding my cum back and ask him, "Where do you want this nut?" He looks at me and says, "Where ever you wanna put it!" My response, 
"Aiight thats a bet."

I continue pounding for about a minute more before i'm uttering the words, "Shawty I can't hold it back anymore, I am about to bust!" He replies, "Bust dat shit in me nigga!" I comply and let out a loud, "Damn bruh, Damn bruh, Awww Shit, Damnnnn!"

I continue to fuck him for about 5 minutes more after I cum. My dick just wouldn't go down. I was tired of fucking though so I pulled out and jacked my dick until I bust my 2nd nut!

We got up and cleaned off and I walked him down to the lobby.

The End!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the story!

August 17, 2012

Introducing... Louis!!!

So I decided to do a Highlight on one of 
TrapBoyy Entertainment's 
newest models....

Everyone meet Louis!!!

Here are some facts about Louis...

Sexual Role: TOP

Height: 6'0
Weight: 165
Dick Size: 9x5
Hometown: St. Louis
Favorite Position: Face Down, Ass Up!

We started fucking in the Shower...

And ended up on the floor by the sofa...

I wanna know what you think about Louis.

Vote on the right side of the page!

This scene will be featured on my 1st DVD 

Coming Soon!!!

My New Series "The Wet Bar!!!"

So I was thinking what should I call my erotic stories outside of #Twitter?

I came up with "The Wet Bar!" 

Welcome to what's usually known as #TwitterAfterDark but from now on will be known as


So a dude I fuck with see's me Tweeting about how horny I am late one night and hits me up via #DM.

He tries to come through to my house right then but I tell him i'm in bed and we should wait until the next day.

He agree's to come through to give me what I want.
I explain to him that I want to start sucking his dick as soon as he walks in the door. He tells me thats cool but he also has a request. He wants me to wear some sexy underwear. The kind that show more. I tell him he has a choice between a red & blue jock strap or I can just be naked when he comes to the door. He tells me to wear the blue one.

The next day comes and I am up early and still horny as hell so I text him as soon as I wake up.

He doesn't respond so i'm like should I jack off or just wait to see if he hits me back later. I wait but end up falling back to sleep. 

Ironically, I wake up three minutes after he sent a text explaining that he had overslept but still wanted to come. I tell him thats cool he can still come. He tells me he needs to shower and then he's on the way.

I get up and get myself ready.

About an hour has passed since he told me he was on the way so I have been to my window now about three times to see if he had arrived. After the third time I went and laid back in my bed.

Not even sixty seconds later he's knocking at the door. I ask who is it just to be funny and he replies, "ME!"

I open the door and let him in. He walks in front of me while I lock the door and as soon as I do I drop my basketball shorts so he can see the jock strap then head to face him. He see's the jock strap and he knows I am not playing. 

He starts to unbuckle his pants and whips his dick out. I tug on it maybe twice as I kiss his sexy lips then immediately drop to my knees to start sucking his dick!

I am like a mad man giving him head. It was almost like I had been deprived of dick for months.

I sucked it, deep throated it, smacked it on my face and lips, kissed it, massaged it with my hands as my lips sucked on the head. 

He grabs the back of my head and forces himself into the back of my throat thrusting himself back and fourth at a fast pace. He now has tears rolling down my face. I am loving his 9 inches deep in my throat so i'm not stopping him.

I stop to go grab the lube... when I come back into the living room he is sitting in the love seat.

I drop back down to my knees again but this time adding a little lube to my fingers and applying it to my ass as I suck his dick. As i'm sucking I make sure to arch my back so he can see my phat ass in the air as I smack his dick on my face!

As he's sitting there he is again grabbing my head and forcing me all the way down on his dick and thrusting it into my throat like a race car. I try to catch my breath but he just won't allow it.

As i'm sucking he reaches down into his shorts to grab a condom. I still won't stop! I am sucking his dick like a flavor of the lollipop thats being discontinued.

He stops me and tells me we should head to the bed. 

I lead him to my bedroom and I immediately fall onto the bed Face Down Ass Up at the edge.

He tries to ram his dick into my hole but I stop him and guide him into me slowly.

He starts off slow but gradually speeds up and I am in what feels like heaven. He is grabbing, gripping, and smacking my ass as he goes in and out.

This nigga is fucking me like we are in the olympics.

I raise up to see the arch of my ass as he's going in and out and this nigga grabs me by the back of the neck and forces me back down. By now he is fucking the hell out of me. The thrusts sound like smacks.

He then grabs my arms and tells me to hold my ankles from the back as he's fucking me. This dude is trying to prove a point. After he fucks me like that for a minute or two he asks "Do you feel that dick?" and "You Like that dick don't you?" When I reply with a emphatic "Yes!" he grabs my hands from my ankles and tells me to hold my cheeks up and to make my ass muscles squeeze his dick! 
I oblige. 

I promise this nigga is making my ass clap loud as hell with each and every stroke.

He stops and turns me onto my back. Now I can see his 9 going in and out of me and he can see the ecstasy on my face as he continues to drill me.

After he fucks me for a while on my back he makes me get up and he lays across the bed on his back which to me was a way of telling me to ride it.

I take the hint but I don't ride it so that i'm facing him, I ride it facing the wall so he can see my Phat ass going up and down on his pipe.

He can't help but grab and smack it as he roots me on by telling me "Hell yea, Ride dat dick nigga... Ride dat shit!"

He stops me and forces me back onto my stomach with my ass in the air. I guess i'm not moving fast enough because he then tells me,
 "Nigga put that ass in the air, hurry up!"

This just turns me on more!!!

I do as he says and he pounds me a few more times then he stops and falls back onto his back. He starts jacking his dick and I go back to sucking it but i'm also jacking my dick now.

I suck for about a minute and I can feel myself about to cum so I fall onto my back and my nut shoots all over my stomach and chest.

He's still jacking his dick and I go to help him by sucking on his nipples. After a about 2 or 3 minutes he whispers in my ear, 
"I'm about to bust." 

He shoots up to his chest and all I can think is 
"Damn That was so Good!"

We Clean off and I show him to the door while telling him to hit me up.

The End!!!

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed it last week I updated my 
#Xtube page.

Here's one of the videos I posted.

Click the link to watch the video and to see my #Xtube Profile.

Riding dick in a chair! - XTube Porn Video - trapboyy2010

Hope you enjoy all 4 updates.

Thanks for the continued Love and Support.


June 15, 2012

#DaSnakeCharmer Preview!

I've been talking about it since the summer of 2011!

Now it's so close I can taste it!

Get the dicks ready for
"Da Snake Charmer!"

Watch The Preview Now!!!

Coming to SOON!

June 7, 2012

"Da Snake Charmer" Coming Soon!

It's almost here!!!

is soon to hit shelves near you!

Check out the Cover of the New DVD from my new studio

Just a tease! lol Watch the video!

May 25, 2012

#TrapBoyyEntertainment Coming in June!

It's almost here! 

TrapBoyy Entertainment, LLC!

Here's a preview of TrapBoyy vs Chino!

"TrapBoyy Cake for Chino!" 


 "Da Snake Charmer!"

Coming Soon to DVD!