April 23, 2011

I've made Two declarations...




This is the last pic that I will show of my body until 
I arrive in Cleveland, OH 
May 7, 2011...

Summer is almost here...

This is Day 1 lol wait until May 7.....

Here's a short video I did...

Watch the sweat going down my back... lol

Oh and....


Stopped by my photo shoot with 
Carlos Jones...

They did a behind the scenes video of me...

Comment and tell me what you think...

Special thanks to @WhatstheT on Twitter!!!


I had an Exclusive Photo Shoot with Carlos Jones!!!

I've never had a professional 
Photo Shoot before but
for this to be my 1st time I definitely had a blast!!!

Carlos Jones was very professional and kept a cool head with me at all times!!!

I definitely appreciate that!!!

Here are a few Photo's from the shoot...

Special Thanks to 

Carlos Jones!!!

More pix coming soon...


April 6, 2011

#TeamTrapBoyy reaches 3k on Twitter!!!

 I was so excited I just had to post it on my blog...

I have had my twitter account since March 2010 but just recently started using it after my shoot with 
Chase Coxxx in January....

In less than 3 months, 
no thanks to the help of 
#TeamTrapboyy, Chase Coxxx, Que Santiago, HotRod
Angyl Valantino, TSSexyChanel, and 
several others #TeamTrapboyy has reached 

Thank you all for all your love and support!
I am truly appreciative!!!

And a very special S/O to @Styleiistic on Twitter!!!

He is responsible for the Trapboyy art above!!!

#TeamTrapBoyy Forever!!!

Oh yea and just in case you didn't tune into 
BreeditRaw.com last week...

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