August 28, 2011

A TrapBoyy Tribute...

I was on recently and came across this video. In the title it read 
"Jerking to TrapBoyy Videos!"

I was officially shocked and turned on at the same time. 

Shocked because while I know people j/o to my work, I had never seen a video dedicated to me while the person was actually watching my video and you could hear it! All the while shouting me out throughout the video as well.

Turned on because this dude has a big ass dick and a nice body too! 
Whoever he is he can definitely get it!

Watch the Video Below!!!

S/O to CinQueInc 

Make Up Sex is the Best Sex!!!

Recently I had it out with someone that I care about. We didn't talk for weeks but it was the inevitable that we would eventually speak again.

I called him and asked him to come over and without question he said yes. He arrived at my house looking sexy as always. I locked the door and he followed me back to my room. We talked for a second then he asked me to turn on my PS3 for some Mortal Kombat.

After whooping his ass for a few rounds he got tired of playing. lol. So I cut on the T.V. He sat there as I tried to find something to watch.

I finally stopped on a channel and put the remote down. I turned around to look at him and I could see his 9 inch thick dick through his jeans.

I didn't feel like playing around so I told him to follow me. We walked back into the living room and sat down on the sofa. As soon as his ass hit the chair I was already unbuckling his pants.

Within seconds I was sucking his dick like I had just got out of prison coming home to the love of my life. He always has this thing about pushing my head down on his 9 to try to make me Gag and tonight was no exception!!!

He forced my head down so many times I couldn't help the tears flowing from my eyes. I don't know what possessed me to get down in front of him and start sucking but I did. This time though, I didn't need his help with pushing my head down.

I was deep-throating the hell out of his dick!

After sucking for a while I was ready to fuck! I went back to the bedroom and grabbed the lube. By the time I came back he had his wife beater over his head which to me meant he was about to fuck the hell out of me!

I dropped back to my knees for a few more sucks as I added the lube to my ass. I added some to his dick and climbed into his lap facing him on the couch. I eased his dick into my ass gripping it as it went in inch by inch as we kissed passionately.

At first I let him have control. He gripped my ass and made it bounce up and down on his dick grinding in it every so often. The way he grabbed my ass seemed to make me weak. I had to take control before I came to early.

So I stood in horseback position still facing him and started riding it my way! This time it was me who was doing the bouncing! I rode him like I hadn't been fucked in years! 

I guess I was about to make him cum cause he abruptly stopped me and told me to turn over on the sofa. He came right behind me and forced his dick into my ass! This shit was amazing! He had me almost doggie style with both hands around my neck forcing it over the sofa fucking the hell out of me!!!

This time it was I who had to stop him for a moment! Now he takes his wife beater off completely and climbs right back behind me and slides it back in. This time though he starts to passionately kiss my neck as he grips my ass while fucking me! Ugh, now its turning into love making. I didn't want it to. I wasn't trying to catch feelings again. 

But I let him fuck me like that for a minute because it felt so good but again I felt myself coming so I had to stop him. By this time he's breathing kinda hard and says "Lets go back to the bed." 

I agree and he follows me back into the bedroom. I get on the bed and lay on my back. He throws my legs up and inserts himself back into me and immediately starts fucking me hard! I mean its like he is trying to release anger in his fucking because he also has his hands on my neck slightly choking me! But honestly thats a turn on to me lol! I love that shit!!!

This time as he's fucking me within 4 or 5 minutes out of his mouth I hear, "I'm gettin close!" So I start jacking my dick harder and before you know it he screams "I'm Coming!!!" I swear not even 3 seconds later I skeet on my chest as he's still stroking his dick in me pushing his nut deeper and deeper!
He kisses me a few times, then I push him out of me so I can go get cleaned up!

This was definitely a night to remember!!!

August 24, 2011

Another One...

I was on and came across another
"Head Video!"

It was so sexy that I just had to post it here!

Dude has a big dick and the dude who's 
sucking is killing it!

S/O to to_OT

August 16, 2011

Damn, Damn, Damn!!!

I was on late last night...

And came across one of the best oral video's I have ever seen in my life!

Both of these dude's know how to 
suck some dick!!!!!

I bust 3 nuts off of this 5:52 video!!!

S/O to scooby20008 

August 11, 2011

Mars vs Mars....

A few weeks ago I told you all about an Ex of mine on Twitter...

It was one of my #TwitterAfterDark stories 
and it mentioned something along the lines of 
me and him smoking green while he fucked me!

Well recently that Ex came back again...

I had just finished an important business meeting and he met me back at my house. 

Actually almost beating me there!

He comes in and heads straight to my bedroom and tells me to turn on some porn.
I am totally shocked!!!

My computer was already on and it was on 

I was reviewing one of my scenes before the meeting and left the computer on the site.

He is now sitting at the edge of my bed and clicking thru the various videos.

He stops at one and starts to take off his clothes...

Lol I am just so shocked because he has never come in and been like...
"Aye nigga, lets fuck!"
without actually saying that.

Anyway, I go to double check to make sure im all ready... (No accidents)

Took less than a second... but by the time I came back into the room his dick was standing straight in the air!

I started sucking but realized or at least felt like he was ready to fuck.

So I went and got the condom and climbed on top of him but his back was on the bed and my back was facing him so that he could see his dick going into my Phat Ass Booty!

I began to ride slowly but so that he and I could both see his long ass dick going in and out of me!

He grabbed my cheeks and made me bounce on his dick... Damn I was feeling so good!!!

He smacked it... He grabbed it... He spread them...

After a minute he pushed me forward in a forceful way...

Next thing I know I was face down ass up...

He started off slow then began to speed up... but suddenly stopped when the porn stopped!!!

Lol I started pushing it back as if to indicate that I didn't want him to stop...
He started grinding my ass as I pushed back which made his dick feel ten times better!

He found another one and hit play...

He pushed my ass down and made me lay flat as he went on to murder my hole!

All I could see was his Fat 8 going in and out of me and my ass moving like waves in the ocean...

Dude was going to work on my ass!!!

He fucked me for a minute in that position then went on to drag me to an edge of the bed where he still made me lay flat as he pounded me!

I don't know what came over him but this was definitely different...

It was almost like he had just been released from seclusion...

I took it for a while just laying flat but then I wanted it while I lay on my back.

So I turned on my back on the edge that we were still on and he began to again "Beat it up!"

My ass was so wet... He stared me straight in my eyes and I back into his and out of no where he just starts kissing me with so much passion!!!

I'm having some chills just thinking back to it...

So anyway he's kissing me and still fucking me on my back for a minute but then abruptly stops and tells me to move back to the top of the bed and to again lay on my stomach!!!

By this time honestly im getting tired because he has been literally beating my shit up!

So as he's entering me I say, 
"Nigga gimme dat cum!"

He says, "Aiight, Bet!"

He starts off grinding again but quickly changes to long stroking it... playing in it at first but then throwing his back into it...

I can feel my hole griping his dick and his dick jumping inside my hole...

As he cums he lets out a loud roar damn near close to animal like...

Usually I don't like to cum on my sheets but this nigga was fucking me so good I couldn't stop myself!!!

I bust right after him all on my sheets...

But DAYUM, it was definitely worth it!!!