September 23, 2012

"The Wet Bar" I left you something NEW!

I met this dude on A4A and invited him to my room.

He was a sexy chocolate dude about my height
and although his profile read "Versatile" I knew I was gonna fuck him.

He walked into the room and I told him to make himself comfortable. He got down to his boxer briefs and tank top and sat back down on the bed.
He asked where we could smoke a blunt and of course the hotel was non-smoking so we went into the bathroom of the room and just placed a towel under the door to hold the smell inside.

We sat in there and smoked the blunt and I asked him was he passionate during sex. He said yes he was but just make sure not to suck his neck too hard because he bruises easily. I agreed and we got up to go back in the bedroom.

We got into the bed and started to kiss. I immediately started massaging his ass with my hands and fingers and he did the same to my ass as well.
I reached around to grab his dick and although it was a nice size I still was determined not to get fucked.

However, not getting fucked didn't mean I couldn't suck it. I climbed on top of him but in-between his legs and started to kiss him and lick him all over his body. I kept going down until his dick was in my mouth and I was sucking with such passion and intrigue. His dick was long, thick and pretty, how could I not suck it. He sat up to stop me and as I leaned back he grabs my dick and puts it in his mouth whole.

He starts sucking my dick uncontrollably. I grabbed the back of his head and forced his head down several times. He would occasionally take it out and kiss it and lick it. That shit felt sooo good!

After a few minutes of giving me head I stopped him and made him lay back down. I pushed his legs in the air and started to shove my tongue into his hole. Spitting in it then licking it off. Slightly biting the cheeks every now and then. Making sure I tasted every since inch of his booty.

Eventually I stopped and we started to kiss again. He forced himself on top of me and continued to kiss me. Of course I am grabbing his ass and feeling on his hole as he is on top of me. He grabs my dick and shoves it in his ass. It is so warm and moist. He starts to ride, starting off slow then bouncing on my dick like a mad man. His moans are so sexy and all I can continue to say is "Damn Shawty." He starts to grind on the dick as he leans down to start kissing me again. This dudes ass is like silk inside and out. 

I make him rise off the dick and give him the notion that its now time for him to get face down ass up. This dudes ass is so fat and pretty. I slowly insert myself into him and let out a gasp followed by "Damn that shit feels so good!" He starts to throw his ass back on my dick as I just hold my position on my knees. I am so shocked at how he is maneuvering that I can only watch in awe. 

I eventually catch myself and get into the push-up position as he is still face down ass up and I just start smashing into his ass. All I can see is my dick going into his ass and his ass shaking like a fucking earthquake! His moans are getting louder and he says "Damn that shit feels so good." I reply with, "Nigga this ass is amazing" as I continue to drill the hell out of his ass. I am loving seeing my light skin dick going in and out of his chocolate hole.

I stop myself because I can feel my cum coming up and I don't want to shoot my load yet. When I pull out he turns on his back and raises his legs into the air. Again I force myself into him and am already in the push-up position so that he can see my long dick going in and out of him as I watch as well. I go back to my knees and start to kiss him and suck his nipples as I go in and out of him. I again feel myself about to cum. His moans and ass combined make it hard to hold back so I pull out just as my cum is forcing its way to my head. I catch myself but then go right back into him.

I start to pound again as he looks me in my eyes and tells me to keep fucking him hard. At this point I am tired of holding my cum back and ask him, "Where do you want this nut?" He looks at me and says, "Where ever you wanna put it!" My response, 
"Aiight thats a bet."

I continue pounding for about a minute more before i'm uttering the words, "Shawty I can't hold it back anymore, I am about to bust!" He replies, "Bust dat shit in me nigga!" I comply and let out a loud, "Damn bruh, Damn bruh, Awww Shit, Damnnnn!"

I continue to fuck him for about 5 minutes more after I cum. My dick just wouldn't go down. I was tired of fucking though so I pulled out and jacked my dick until I bust my 2nd nut!

We got up and cleaned off and I walked him down to the lobby.

The End!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the story!